A Privacy Tool
 For Common Tasks

Use zkBob for one-click payments, donations, payroll, and much more. Multi-chain privacy and security with zkSNARKs and compliance features baked in!
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zkBob enables private
token transactions for
Leveraging zero-knowledge technology, transfers within zkBob are simple, efficient and anonymized.

Use zkBob when
everyday privacy
is important

Private Payrolls

Pay contractors or employees quickly and privately, without disclosing sensitive information like amounts or recipients.

One-Click Payments

Request and receive tokens instantly. Send ANY token from a wallet address or contract. Tokens are converted to the necessary one under the hood and deposited directly to the receiver.


and Grants

Request ANY token from investors and supporters. Tokens are converted and sent privately to the fundraising address. With proof of solvency, investors can check that their funds are safu while details remain confidential.


Send a link to your community or DAO to collect private donations in ANY token. The donor's identity is protected, giving them freedom of choice when donating funds.

Rewards for contributors

It's simple to make a private multi-transfer to interested contributors or DAO members with a single transaction.
Easy to use

Easy to use

Privacy doesn't need to be complicated. The zkBob application makes it easy to deposit, transfer, and withdraw tokens with a couple of clicks.

BOB stablecoin powers zkBob's
security and reliability!

BOB Stablecoin

BOB is an innovative, multi-chain and multi-collateral stablecoin optimized for reliable value transfer. On its own, BOB is perfectly suited for everyday usage.

Unlock BOB's
privacy power

Using BOB with zkBob enables optional and robust privacy features.
With zkBob, BOB holders, senders, and receivers gain access to a secure platform featuring advanced zk functionality.
zkBob + BOB stablecoin transfers are safe, secure, cataloged, and completely confidential.
Transfers are wholly contained within the application. Users do not need a 3rd party wallet like MetaMask or any tokens other than BOB to transfer and withdraw.

100% on-chain

Inventory is managed and stored transparently on-chain.
Stability is balanced on-chain via concentrated liquidity AMM algorithms.
BOB is acquired on-chain at a ~1:1 ratio to stablecoins such as USDC and BUSD.

Start your journey
with zkBob

Step 1
Visit zkBob and create a zkAccount using MetaMask, WalletConnect, or a private seed phrase
Step 2
Connect your wallet to deposit USDC or other tokens into your newly created zkAccount
Step 3
Make private transactions in zkBob and withdraw your tokens to regular wallet if necessary

Compliance Features

Daily limits, KYC options, and wallet screening create a safe environment for responsible personal privacy.

Private Transfers

Private transfers using zero-knowledge proof technology protect recipients and anonymize amounts.

Multi-Chain Support

zkBob is deployed on Polygon and Optimism for superior scalability and access to robust infrastructure.

Proven technology

zkBob leverages the power of zkSNARKs using the ZeroPool architecture to achieve privacy.
low fees

Low fees

zkBob deposit, withdrawal, and transfer costs are kept low and predictable.

Compatible Design

zkBob is built to operate with high quality projects like Polygon, Optimism, Uniswap, Aave, and USDC.

Ready to get started?

Launch the app and connect your wallet to get started with private transactions, or to learn more visit our documentation portal.

Ready to get started?

Launch the app and connect your wallet to get started with private transactions, or to learn more visit our documentation portal.